Saturday, July 21, 2007


It has been a long time since I blogged.

Have been pretty busy with work lately...4 to 5 shifts a week. It is really tiring working...especially as a chef, u have to stand whole the end of 4 days, my heels hurt...and u just feel like sitting down all day...4 to 5 shifts a week is enough for me to struggle through a week...LOL..and when friday comes, it is hallelujah..

Anyway, Jean will be finishing exams this coming tuesday and her placement in Limbang will be from the 10th september till 5th october.
She will be doing 4 weeks of electives in singapore and I think she will be paying 200 sing dollars for a month hospital accomodation which includes bills. Aishin etc did their electives in singapore and the feedback is really good and encouraging...they learn a lot of things in I hope to do my electives in singapore too in the future...Not that I do not want to go back to my hometown and do electives...I hope to learn more in better hospitals if I can and singapore is really good...

Jean will be coming to teach me OSCE this coming week...wahaha...cuz I m really scared of OSCE in the coming third year...not easy...two people I know of had failed their history taking which is a really hard skill to learn.. now that Jean has finished exam n will be quite free, it would be cool to get her to help me....

My hair has grown quite long and Cheryl has agreed to cut for in her guinea pig...I will tell her how I want my hair to be like of course..LOL...

I also wanna learn how to bake cheesecake...gonna try it in a month time...LOL...

I can't wait for esther to come..just wondering when will her unconditional offer letter arrive...and I think term starts on the 17th I heard from Cindy that quite a lot of flights have been fully booked...

Actually, I read mummy's email on CT scan...I think tumours can be checked by blood test...probably by looking for certain tumour markers...depends what type of tumour is suspected...
but what we learnt in medic school is tat ct scans shouldn't be done unless necessary or important...cuz one ct scan equals to 4.5 years of background radiation.

Anyway, I wanna trim my hair thick...


Thursday, May 31, 2007



It takes ages to look for a job and when u look for somehow seems so hard to get one.

But when u didn't even have to try, but depend on God's provision, the job just come falling down from the sky.

Last year, I looked hard for my job but couldn't get one. I even went all over the city to give out my CV, but there wasn't any reply at all. Then, I tried joblink as well, but the jobs were at awkward places and also there weren't many jobs compared to this year's joblink.

Either people are not looking for jobs, or there are more job opportunities this year...or maybe, I have become an expert with jobs...hahahaha

Anyway, there is a shifts problem in my working place because we have too many workers and too few shifts (not really that few la but cannot accomodate so many people).
Then, I smsed my boss a few weeks ago telling him to help me put down my shifts on the shift table (cuz I know that the shifts table comes out on monday and I have to put mine down before everyone else fights for it and I have nothing left.) on monday cuz my next shift would be on thursday morning and I know that if I come on thursday morning, I will be left with bad shifts. boss said he was not at work and would put my shift down the next morning.

But when I went to work on thursday morning, I was shocked that my shifts weren't put down and I was left with bad shifts for that week...LOL..

Either my boss have forgotten or he does not put me as priority anymore, meaning he doesn't care if I have shifts or not.

That thought kind of burdened me for a while thinking that I have to look for a new job. But another hand, I thought it was better if I clarified with my boss cuz I know that he is a trustworthy man. He never did fly my aeroplane before and he did promised me full-time shifts during the summer during easter. He even promised to make me his deputy fish-cutter and even said that he is glad that my course has 3 more years and I can work for him for quite some time. He said that by the time I graduate, he would have a few branches...LOL...


this whole week, he was like asking me when are my exams and on monday, he said he is going to put me on full-time the week after my exam.

Today, he clarified with me again about working full-time (dunno why he needed to clarify so many times..guessed he wants to 'fire' somebody gua)..and he said he will give me any amount of shifts I want...5 shifts the minimum and 6 shifts if I want...any amount basically...
Then, he went about counting my summer months....'mid-june, july, august, mid-sept..good...'

Guessed he was pretty happy that he can go for a long break of having somebody like me cutting fish...hahaha

He told me before (when the manager was around before he had his mental breakdown) that I had talent...and he taught me twice..and the second time, I could cut the fish like perfect. He said none of his chefs knows how to cut the fish that properly and beautifully...


He just wants me to cut the fish la if I didn't have that talent, he wouldn't want me to work full-time rite? Haha

God gave me some talent in life that help me to secure jobs...hahaha...

signing off,

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

welfare director.... :-s


I went to MASSOC Annual General Meeting to vote for Shen Wei...But walao....I turned out to hold some post in return.

What I got was: Welfare Director

which is like the 5th highest position in Massoc, after President, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

The thing is that I was quite shocked when people actually nominated me as secretary!!! But I didn't manage to get that position becuz I was competing with the past year assistant secretary.

Anyway, I kena the position and tried to pull out...But after talking to Jean, she said better take the opportunity cuz it will look good on my it will help me to grow in certain areas which doesn't have to be spiritually...also, can learn more things...

Somemore, the president is ShenWei and he is my cell member!?!? I never thought he will be president...LOL...and most of the committee member, I sort of know them and half of us belong to LCCC....
Still...Shenwei doesn't look like a president but he does possessed leadership qualities and I wonder how it will be like working with him...

Also, two days ago, I had an 'assessment' on taking patient's history. One tutor, 3 students (including me) and 3 different stimulated patients. My friday rounds at hospital always had bad experiences with taking patient's history and I seriously had no confidence in myself...I thought that I was doomed for this patient taking history and considered being the first to take a history from the first stimulated patient.

But, Lucie and Art grabbed the opportunity in being the first and second to I am third...Plus the tutor told me that since I am third, I have to 'consolidate' everything that the first and second student did 'wrong' and try to better my taking history when it comes to the third stimulated patient.

Lucie was very good and the tutor went about saying :''very good....excellent history taking skills...well done...''

also, we have to say our 2 strengths and one thing which needs to be improved. Also, the tutor will give feedback which I have to 'consolidate'...and the patient and us have to give our feedback and what we think about the history taking skills.

Art was ok...he didn't do so well...partly becuz the patient came in with a sllightly more different background. He had to pause quite a few times cuz he ran out of questions to ask...

Then it was my patient came in with indigestion....before the 'interview' with the patient, I talked to Art and Lucie about what I should say...and they gave some suggestions which I have already kind of had in my mind...but it was comforting to hear them give suggestions...

Then, the tutor told me to go and call my patient in and start the 'interview'..

Everything went so smoothly that I could not believe my ears...

The tutor was very very impressed and in fact couldn't stop praising me...she said that I had excellent interviewing techniques and I used 'reflecting' technique which the other 2 students didn't use and she said she liked it very much cuz it shows that I was listening to the patient. She also said that I was patient-centred and that I showed empathy quite a lot. Also, I was listening and connecting questions instead of asking questions in separate categories (which we were taught to do)...and so everything was a smooth flow.

She was asking the students what did I say that make the whole conversation flowed smoothly and they gave feedback. Things that I said which they think were good and tactful...etc...

I was quite shocked that I did well...the tutor kept saying very very good techniques, very excellent history-taking, 8 minutes in total and it was just nice etc..good reflecting techniques, good empathy-showing..

well done to conclude everything.

I was shocked...haha...and this 'assessment' did let me know that I do possessed some strengths which I thought I did not have. In fact, I was so focused with the patient that I even forgot that people were watching me taking the history (which was good in that sense cuz Art kept staring at us once a while when he was taking the history)..

N the 2 students were telling me that I did a good history taking and that it was better than theirs (partly cuz I had to consolidate the mistakes they made also la)


glad that it went well..

I am going to Massoc a Massoc committee now...LOL...somemore, the old committee are going to give us our certificates this saturday during massoc ball. Haihh...

at least from what I know, there isn't that many activities till the end of the year...but first term of every year, there is a really packed massoc schedule...and that will come and past like Jean said..

I asked Jean if it was her, would she go for it. She said looking back, she regretted not taking up any curricular activities and post. She would go for it if it was her as long as it is not fourth year. So, I guessed I will give it a go for my CV sake and also for experience sake...

Anyway, I m glad that I got a B for my SSC....wakaka...but a C for my stolen SSC...(2 SSCs altogether) was so close to a B...2 marks to a B!!!! close...

Sushi shop trying to cut shifts which I am most gladly to do so...haha...and I guessed it is better than the cleaning least I don't have to get up so early in the morning anymore and can concentrate so well in lectures now...hahaha...

Cannot remember what else I wanna blog..

gtg...also, I won't blog so much anymore cuz of restrained I have things to update about myself

signing off..

Sunday, January 28, 2007

work 2


I got my salary and no tax deducted...WOOO....

Thank God I am not doing any cleaning anymore..hehe..and the boss likes me a least that's what I think..

The last time I worked,

my boss told me that after making all the packs, he wants me to package all the wasabi peas into small plasic bags...mundane and boring thing to do...and he said that would be the last work for the day (which I think he meant that I can finish for the day??)...but then, after that, everything suddenly became so busy...he suddenly had so many customers and I had to make sushi again...

He was like so grateful..(I guessed he regretted promising me the wasabi peas was the last job..haha)and he kept saying thank you when I gave him the sushi packs..

The thing I like about working here compared to Yo is that it is more least I get to design my own sushi Yo, I have to follow the stupid pictures on the menu and there are so many complicated platter in Yo...

haha..being a pioneer of a shop is a 'proud' thing..haha..even the floorstaff is trying to tao wo huan in be good to me...cuz the boss likes me..and he isn't very good + still training as he is very nice to me... pay is 5.50 and not 5,,,haha..

signing off..

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I don't know what to blog

Becoming a floorstaff isn't easy..not to say that I am working as one.

Yesterday, I heard the manager (Tom) asked whether we were around to see the first day Joyce (a floorstaff) was fired. That was her first day at work. No wonder I did no see her anymore.

Then, a while later, Yanis (was a floorstaff but then work as a chef) asked me if I heard what Tom just said...I said no...He asked me if I knew a floorstaff called Yancey(not to sure how to spell it). I said no...then he said that Tom just said that he wants to fire this person.

I guessed becuz they are not very good floorstaff? In fact, it is very hard to be a floorstaff compared to a chef.

So, I asked Yanis if I will get fired too...since people get fired anytime..

He said:''Oh...You won't get fired..Simon (The boss) said that you are good.'' It's quite impossible to fire me too cuz I trained the newcomers who come in for work and Simon praises me for being a good teacher + he was impressed. Also, last week, when he told me to work alone in the morning (well..I work alone all the time anyway), I had to prepare lots of packs etc. But I finished everything (at a minimum of 30+ packs) in one and half hours...He said..''stephanie, you are fast!'' Flattering...

and he goes around telling his friends that I am a 2nd year medical student, first-aider, worked in Yo before and makes EXCELLENT sushi. Flattering....

I have to thank Yo for 'training' me as a chef in the past...if not, where comes the good sushi making skills...even better than the boss himself and the boss also claims that I make better sushi than him. Plus the boss did his sushi training from a Japanese.

I really think it was the cleaning job which made me tired all the time in lectures...Ever since I stopped cleaning last week, the dozing-off-in-class stopped, the naps stopped.....I have never been so attentive in lectures in my I am pretty glad that I have quitted cleaning and start a more relaxing job...relaxing cuz the boss isn't that demanding...

When I accidentally mixed up the ingredients in the roto(sushi), he said nvrmind...well..he didn't care...also, when I accidentally dropped the noodle box on the floor (Thank God the noodle was still intact in the box)...Simon just said be careful..Unlike Yo, when I dropped the sashimi on the floor...wah...the head chef's expression totally changed and was staring at me throughout....LOL....

At least no more customers staring at me make sushi..which I me stress...

Cannot imagine what the head chef at Yo would say if she knows that I am working elsewhere...she told me b4 I quitted that she trained me so hard and now I am not working for her now, I have used that skills elsewhere instead of Yo...
hmm..traitor..but anyway...haha...cannot be helped..if only they had treated me well then I would have returned..

Chef suits me anyway cuz I don't talk much..I guessed the floorstaff were fired cuz they could not talk well..comparing myself with the angmos..I am not as good as them in sweettalking the customers to buy the products.

Anyway, when I quitted my cleaning job, I thought for a week on how I am going to tell my supervisor that I am quitting..Not only that, hopefully, my supervisor would allow me to come back (just in case my new job doesn't work out..which isn't true cuz now the boss and manager likes me)...

But yea...I finally thought of the best way out the night before I have to tell my supervisor.

''Teresa, I have something for you.''

she looks down and was so HAPPY (and I mean it..she was genuinely happy) when she saw a box of chocolates (I got the chocolates from christmas outreach anyway + I dun really like to eat chocolates)..


''What for?''

''ermm..actually, today is my last day of work.''

she went awwww...and said...''u dpn't have to do this..but why cannot u work anymore?''

cuz I have hospital attachments and have to wake up early in the morning.

''It's alright...come back when u want the job again. I will give you work.''


Also, I had to hold her hands as if I am so close to her..that was becuz I realised over time that she likes the sense of touch...cuz I have seen other cleaners kind of holding her hands and she was like happy...

before I left..she asked why I had to go to hospitals..

''cuz I am a medical student.''

She was stunned and went 'awww..'

I left..and she spoke to the security guard telling him how nice I was..and that I am a medical student..said that it was my last day of work and I was so nice to give her a box of chocolates.

So, my plan worked well...for people like my will work of course...but not everybody will fall for it..haha

Then wee Leon asked me about it a week later...I told him what I did and he said that it was a good stategy..think he was kinda impressed...haha

anyway, I have to go for lecture...

signing off

Friday, December 29, 2006

christmas pressies

Christmas pressies and a belated birthday pressie all the way from Singapore!!! Thankssss a lot Andrew for taking the trouble to send the pressie over to Blandford Grove!!

All pressies were cool and nice! Like them all la...

Woke up in the morning when Lynda said..."hey..did u see a brown package on your table from Andrew..''

I was so surprised and find that Andrew sent over pressies..hehe :-)

BIG THANKS!! n glad that the pressie is white in colour!!'s quite obvious that I wear white all the time la...haha

But thanks for remembering that in mind...

From pic,

fluffy shoes from Wee Leon

Hair pins and lip gloss (Britney spears) from Jean

Lip gloss (Clinique) from Min Jung

Ear rings (?!?!?!) from Priya and Satish

Hillsong cd from Julian

Ferrero Rocher from Kyle (but have eaten all so it's not in the pic)..but the Rose chocolates is still 'alive' and 'well'

quality sweets from Julee (was given rather randomly)

Minstrels chocolate from Serene... she also gave some nice looking cookie from Ainsleys.

White T-shirt from Andrew.

and all the christmas cards from people!!


signing off..


Thursday, December 28, 2006

min jung

Today went to Min Jung's house....

wahman...her place so posh...James Baillie Park..

Got kitchen + toilet + bedroom all in geng....

Found out quite a few things that I never knew about her...her dad + brother are didn't know that..

Also, she said that we can go to Korea and visit her in Seoul...go for one month also
She said she has a lot of rooms in her house so can give free accomodation + free food (sometimes..well..she said can everytime too...since Lynda + free tour around Seoul...wahhhh...

She also said that can afford to bring us to eat at a posh restaurant for free too..but one time only...haha


From friendster...can see my Edinburgh photos...

It was a really cool trip...get to know my cell members well...(btw, the two indians are non-christians..they are Jean's friends)..

Know WL n Julian better...

Didn't get to fellowship much with Jean though...

Poor WL has to drive us all over the place...

and haha...on our way back to Leeds....some stupid nothing-better-to-do policeman stopped our car...

He said he wants to have a 'chat' with WL...

apparently...I think the policeman was too BORED that he randomly catches poor drivers on the road....give some stupid excuse....for eg...for our case, the policeman said that WL was driving on the middle lane and that he should be driving on the left lane instead...LOL!!!! Then, he said he wanted WL to blow into some thingy to test whether he drank God WL didn't take Whisky before the drive...

Well..WL never take alcohol since he accepted christ 10 over years ago anyway..

My internet connection has been a bit haywire

The smoked salmon Min Jung provided for lunch is so korean pancake...wahhhh...
Btw, for those who don't know this...she is Korean...

Internet sok liao...gtg then

signing off..