Wednesday, February 28, 2007

welfare director.... :-s


I went to MASSOC Annual General Meeting to vote for Shen Wei...But walao....I turned out to hold some post in return.

What I got was: Welfare Director

which is like the 5th highest position in Massoc, after President, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

The thing is that I was quite shocked when people actually nominated me as secretary!!! But I didn't manage to get that position becuz I was competing with the past year assistant secretary.

Anyway, I kena the position and tried to pull out...But after talking to Jean, she said better take the opportunity cuz it will look good on my it will help me to grow in certain areas which doesn't have to be spiritually...also, can learn more things...

Somemore, the president is ShenWei and he is my cell member!?!? I never thought he will be president...LOL...and most of the committee member, I sort of know them and half of us belong to LCCC....
Still...Shenwei doesn't look like a president but he does possessed leadership qualities and I wonder how it will be like working with him...

Also, two days ago, I had an 'assessment' on taking patient's history. One tutor, 3 students (including me) and 3 different stimulated patients. My friday rounds at hospital always had bad experiences with taking patient's history and I seriously had no confidence in myself...I thought that I was doomed for this patient taking history and considered being the first to take a history from the first stimulated patient.

But, Lucie and Art grabbed the opportunity in being the first and second to I am third...Plus the tutor told me that since I am third, I have to 'consolidate' everything that the first and second student did 'wrong' and try to better my taking history when it comes to the third stimulated patient.

Lucie was very good and the tutor went about saying :''very good....excellent history taking skills...well done...''

also, we have to say our 2 strengths and one thing which needs to be improved. Also, the tutor will give feedback which I have to 'consolidate'...and the patient and us have to give our feedback and what we think about the history taking skills.

Art was ok...he didn't do so well...partly becuz the patient came in with a sllightly more different background. He had to pause quite a few times cuz he ran out of questions to ask...

Then it was my patient came in with indigestion....before the 'interview' with the patient, I talked to Art and Lucie about what I should say...and they gave some suggestions which I have already kind of had in my mind...but it was comforting to hear them give suggestions...

Then, the tutor told me to go and call my patient in and start the 'interview'..

Everything went so smoothly that I could not believe my ears...

The tutor was very very impressed and in fact couldn't stop praising me...she said that I had excellent interviewing techniques and I used 'reflecting' technique which the other 2 students didn't use and she said she liked it very much cuz it shows that I was listening to the patient. She also said that I was patient-centred and that I showed empathy quite a lot. Also, I was listening and connecting questions instead of asking questions in separate categories (which we were taught to do)...and so everything was a smooth flow.

She was asking the students what did I say that make the whole conversation flowed smoothly and they gave feedback. Things that I said which they think were good and tactful...etc...

I was quite shocked that I did well...the tutor kept saying very very good techniques, very excellent history-taking, 8 minutes in total and it was just nice etc..good reflecting techniques, good empathy-showing..

well done to conclude everything.

I was shocked...haha...and this 'assessment' did let me know that I do possessed some strengths which I thought I did not have. In fact, I was so focused with the patient that I even forgot that people were watching me taking the history (which was good in that sense cuz Art kept staring at us once a while when he was taking the history)..

N the 2 students were telling me that I did a good history taking and that it was better than theirs (partly cuz I had to consolidate the mistakes they made also la)


glad that it went well..

I am going to Massoc a Massoc committee now...LOL...somemore, the old committee are going to give us our certificates this saturday during massoc ball. Haihh...

at least from what I know, there isn't that many activities till the end of the year...but first term of every year, there is a really packed massoc schedule...and that will come and past like Jean said..

I asked Jean if it was her, would she go for it. She said looking back, she regretted not taking up any curricular activities and post. She would go for it if it was her as long as it is not fourth year. So, I guessed I will give it a go for my CV sake and also for experience sake...

Anyway, I m glad that I got a B for my SSC....wakaka...but a C for my stolen SSC...(2 SSCs altogether) was so close to a B...2 marks to a B!!!! close...

Sushi shop trying to cut shifts which I am most gladly to do so...haha...and I guessed it is better than the cleaning least I don't have to get up so early in the morning anymore and can concentrate so well in lectures now...hahaha...

Cannot remember what else I wanna blog..

gtg...also, I won't blog so much anymore cuz of restrained I have things to update about myself

signing off..


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