Sunday, January 28, 2007

work 2


I got my salary and no tax deducted...WOOO....

Thank God I am not doing any cleaning anymore..hehe..and the boss likes me a least that's what I think..

The last time I worked,

my boss told me that after making all the packs, he wants me to package all the wasabi peas into small plasic bags...mundane and boring thing to do...and he said that would be the last work for the day (which I think he meant that I can finish for the day??)...but then, after that, everything suddenly became so busy...he suddenly had so many customers and I had to make sushi again...

He was like so grateful..(I guessed he regretted promising me the wasabi peas was the last job..haha)and he kept saying thank you when I gave him the sushi packs..

The thing I like about working here compared to Yo is that it is more least I get to design my own sushi Yo, I have to follow the stupid pictures on the menu and there are so many complicated platter in Yo...

haha..being a pioneer of a shop is a 'proud' thing..haha..even the floorstaff is trying to tao wo huan in be good to me...cuz the boss likes me..and he isn't very good + still training as he is very nice to me... pay is 5.50 and not 5,,,haha..

signing off..


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