Friday, December 29, 2006

christmas pressies

Christmas pressies and a belated birthday pressie all the way from Singapore!!! Thankssss a lot Andrew for taking the trouble to send the pressie over to Blandford Grove!!

All pressies were cool and nice! Like them all la...

Woke up in the morning when Lynda said..."hey..did u see a brown package on your table from Andrew..''

I was so surprised and find that Andrew sent over pressies..hehe :-)

BIG THANKS!! n glad that the pressie is white in colour!!'s quite obvious that I wear white all the time la...haha

But thanks for remembering that in mind...

From pic,

fluffy shoes from Wee Leon

Hair pins and lip gloss (Britney spears) from Jean

Lip gloss (Clinique) from Min Jung

Ear rings (?!?!?!) from Priya and Satish

Hillsong cd from Julian

Ferrero Rocher from Kyle (but have eaten all so it's not in the pic)..but the Rose chocolates is still 'alive' and 'well'

quality sweets from Julee (was given rather randomly)

Minstrels chocolate from Serene... she also gave some nice looking cookie from Ainsleys.

White T-shirt from Andrew.

and all the christmas cards from people!!


signing off..



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