Sunday, January 28, 2007

work 2


I got my salary and no tax deducted...WOOO....

Thank God I am not doing any cleaning anymore..hehe..and the boss likes me a least that's what I think..

The last time I worked,

my boss told me that after making all the packs, he wants me to package all the wasabi peas into small plasic bags...mundane and boring thing to do...and he said that would be the last work for the day (which I think he meant that I can finish for the day??)...but then, after that, everything suddenly became so busy...he suddenly had so many customers and I had to make sushi again...

He was like so grateful..(I guessed he regretted promising me the wasabi peas was the last job..haha)and he kept saying thank you when I gave him the sushi packs..

The thing I like about working here compared to Yo is that it is more least I get to design my own sushi Yo, I have to follow the stupid pictures on the menu and there are so many complicated platter in Yo...

haha..being a pioneer of a shop is a 'proud' thing..haha..even the floorstaff is trying to tao wo huan in be good to me...cuz the boss likes me..and he isn't very good + still training as he is very nice to me... pay is 5.50 and not 5,,,haha..

signing off..

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I don't know what to blog

Becoming a floorstaff isn't easy..not to say that I am working as one.

Yesterday, I heard the manager (Tom) asked whether we were around to see the first day Joyce (a floorstaff) was fired. That was her first day at work. No wonder I did no see her anymore.

Then, a while later, Yanis (was a floorstaff but then work as a chef) asked me if I heard what Tom just said...I said no...He asked me if I knew a floorstaff called Yancey(not to sure how to spell it). I said no...then he said that Tom just said that he wants to fire this person.

I guessed becuz they are not very good floorstaff? In fact, it is very hard to be a floorstaff compared to a chef.

So, I asked Yanis if I will get fired too...since people get fired anytime..

He said:''Oh...You won't get fired..Simon (The boss) said that you are good.'' It's quite impossible to fire me too cuz I trained the newcomers who come in for work and Simon praises me for being a good teacher + he was impressed. Also, last week, when he told me to work alone in the morning (well..I work alone all the time anyway), I had to prepare lots of packs etc. But I finished everything (at a minimum of 30+ packs) in one and half hours...He said..''stephanie, you are fast!'' Flattering...

and he goes around telling his friends that I am a 2nd year medical student, first-aider, worked in Yo before and makes EXCELLENT sushi. Flattering....

I have to thank Yo for 'training' me as a chef in the past...if not, where comes the good sushi making skills...even better than the boss himself and the boss also claims that I make better sushi than him. Plus the boss did his sushi training from a Japanese.

I really think it was the cleaning job which made me tired all the time in lectures...Ever since I stopped cleaning last week, the dozing-off-in-class stopped, the naps stopped.....I have never been so attentive in lectures in my I am pretty glad that I have quitted cleaning and start a more relaxing job...relaxing cuz the boss isn't that demanding...

When I accidentally mixed up the ingredients in the roto(sushi), he said nvrmind...well..he didn't care...also, when I accidentally dropped the noodle box on the floor (Thank God the noodle was still intact in the box)...Simon just said be careful..Unlike Yo, when I dropped the sashimi on the floor...wah...the head chef's expression totally changed and was staring at me throughout....LOL....

At least no more customers staring at me make sushi..which I me stress...

Cannot imagine what the head chef at Yo would say if she knows that I am working elsewhere...she told me b4 I quitted that she trained me so hard and now I am not working for her now, I have used that skills elsewhere instead of Yo...
hmm..traitor..but anyway...haha...cannot be helped..if only they had treated me well then I would have returned..

Chef suits me anyway cuz I don't talk much..I guessed the floorstaff were fired cuz they could not talk well..comparing myself with the angmos..I am not as good as them in sweettalking the customers to buy the products.

Anyway, when I quitted my cleaning job, I thought for a week on how I am going to tell my supervisor that I am quitting..Not only that, hopefully, my supervisor would allow me to come back (just in case my new job doesn't work out..which isn't true cuz now the boss and manager likes me)...

But yea...I finally thought of the best way out the night before I have to tell my supervisor.

''Teresa, I have something for you.''

she looks down and was so HAPPY (and I mean it..she was genuinely happy) when she saw a box of chocolates (I got the chocolates from christmas outreach anyway + I dun really like to eat chocolates)..


''What for?''

''ermm..actually, today is my last day of work.''

she went awwww...and said...''u dpn't have to do this..but why cannot u work anymore?''

cuz I have hospital attachments and have to wake up early in the morning.

''It's alright...come back when u want the job again. I will give you work.''


Also, I had to hold her hands as if I am so close to her..that was becuz I realised over time that she likes the sense of touch...cuz I have seen other cleaners kind of holding her hands and she was like happy...

before I left..she asked why I had to go to hospitals..

''cuz I am a medical student.''

She was stunned and went 'awww..'

I left..and she spoke to the security guard telling him how nice I was..and that I am a medical student..said that it was my last day of work and I was so nice to give her a box of chocolates.

So, my plan worked well...for people like my will work of course...but not everybody will fall for it..haha

Then wee Leon asked me about it a week later...I told him what I did and he said that it was a good stategy..think he was kinda impressed...haha

anyway, I have to go for lecture...

signing off