Thursday, May 31, 2007



It takes ages to look for a job and when u look for somehow seems so hard to get one.

But when u didn't even have to try, but depend on God's provision, the job just come falling down from the sky.

Last year, I looked hard for my job but couldn't get one. I even went all over the city to give out my CV, but there wasn't any reply at all. Then, I tried joblink as well, but the jobs were at awkward places and also there weren't many jobs compared to this year's joblink.

Either people are not looking for jobs, or there are more job opportunities this year...or maybe, I have become an expert with jobs...hahahaha

Anyway, there is a shifts problem in my working place because we have too many workers and too few shifts (not really that few la but cannot accomodate so many people).
Then, I smsed my boss a few weeks ago telling him to help me put down my shifts on the shift table (cuz I know that the shifts table comes out on monday and I have to put mine down before everyone else fights for it and I have nothing left.) on monday cuz my next shift would be on thursday morning and I know that if I come on thursday morning, I will be left with bad shifts. boss said he was not at work and would put my shift down the next morning.

But when I went to work on thursday morning, I was shocked that my shifts weren't put down and I was left with bad shifts for that week...LOL..

Either my boss have forgotten or he does not put me as priority anymore, meaning he doesn't care if I have shifts or not.

That thought kind of burdened me for a while thinking that I have to look for a new job. But another hand, I thought it was better if I clarified with my boss cuz I know that he is a trustworthy man. He never did fly my aeroplane before and he did promised me full-time shifts during the summer during easter. He even promised to make me his deputy fish-cutter and even said that he is glad that my course has 3 more years and I can work for him for quite some time. He said that by the time I graduate, he would have a few branches...LOL...


this whole week, he was like asking me when are my exams and on monday, he said he is going to put me on full-time the week after my exam.

Today, he clarified with me again about working full-time (dunno why he needed to clarify so many times..guessed he wants to 'fire' somebody gua)..and he said he will give me any amount of shifts I want...5 shifts the minimum and 6 shifts if I want...any amount basically...
Then, he went about counting my summer months....'mid-june, july, august, mid-sept..good...'

Guessed he was pretty happy that he can go for a long break of having somebody like me cutting fish...hahaha

He told me before (when the manager was around before he had his mental breakdown) that I had talent...and he taught me twice..and the second time, I could cut the fish like perfect. He said none of his chefs knows how to cut the fish that properly and beautifully...


He just wants me to cut the fish la if I didn't have that talent, he wouldn't want me to work full-time rite? Haha

God gave me some talent in life that help me to secure jobs...hahaha...

signing off,